Healthanywhere™ is a comprehensive suite of software applications that help clinics, practitioners and healthcare organizations deliver better services at lower costs, improving outcomes & patient satisfaction

Biosign Software Matrix

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Heart Friendly™ Program Heart Friendly™ Program Brochure Heart Friendly™ Program Booklet

The Heart Friendly™ Program is a consumer health screening program designed for Allied Health Practitioners, including Dentists, Naturopathic Doctors and Physical Therapists. Heart Friendly™ Practitioners commit to screening their clients using the Pulsewave™ Health Monitor in its Clinical Mode. Each patient or client receives a one- minute scan, watches their heart beat on the screen, and reviews the results with the practitioner. A full-color customized Heart Friendly™ Health Report is printed for the patient to take away. Being a Heart Friendly™ Allied Health Practitioner shows patients and clients the extended care about heart-health. It also functions as a key differentiator and builds patient loyalty.

Download the Heart Friendly™ Brochure and Booklet to learn more.

Business Health Matters Inc. Progress Media

Biosign is working with Business Health Matters (BHM) to integrate state-of-the-art Patient Portal services into the overall Healthanywhere™ platform. The BHM Portal provides scientific and evidence based corporate wellness programs, weight management, health assessments, stress management, health education, newsletter and other employee engagement programs. As deployed by BHM, this system has achieved remarkable results for many large corporate clients, including a reduction of employee health costs by over 60%. Progress Magazine's article "The Health Dividend" describes the impact of Business Health Matters program on employees.

QLine Solutions Inc.

QLINE provides the QCARE™ integrated product suite, along with a telephonic communications solution QIVR™. This stable platform delivers Intake Management, Client Management, Employee Management, Human Resources, Schedule Management, Invoicing & Billing, System Management, and over 100 custom reports. QIVR™ enables workers to record their arrival & departure from every appointment, automatically recording the time worked. Biosign will add automated vital signs gathering and remote patient monitoring abilities, allowing the same number of employees to deliver more service in less time – a critical factor in today's harsh budget environment.

PencilThat™ by ClinicServer

PencilThat™ by ClinicServer is the preferred Practice Management solution for Allied Health Professionals. ClinicServer software is designed to simplify business administration, store client data and provide an integrated scheduler so service providers have more time to spend on the important things, such as treating clients and developing services. Clients no longer have to work around operation hours as appointments are accessible 24/7. All the information stored in the PencilThat™ account is secured and continually backed up so data is fully protected. Coming integrations with Healthanywhere™ and Pulsewave™ will automate the gathering of vital signs and permit remote monitoring at home.


Clear2there and Biosign have teamed up to offer SmartCARE™, a suite of home automation tools designed around health maintenance. According to a study by the AARP, over 90% of seniors prefer to stay in their own homes. SmartCARE™ enables loved ones to monitor the condition of a senior's home remotely from any internet-connected device.

Biosign's Pulsewave™ Health Monitor provides vital sign measurement capabilities to SmartCARE™ customers, along with the ability to set alerts and alarms, if, for example, a reading is not taken on time, or if a vital sign is out of range (blood pressure spikes or crashes).