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Biosign is an innovation leader in the field of medical device and healthcare information technology. Our proprietary, patent-pending data gathering architecture uses an ecosystem of approved medical devices to automatically & painlessly record essential vital signs. These measurements are transmitted to our secure servers and analyzed by advanced algorithms to produce actionable healthcare intelligence in real time, a process we call Cloud Diagnostics™. Biosign medical results are standardized, continually calibrated and available remotely from any web browser. Our solutions deliver better healthcare information at higher efficiencies, improving outcomes while lowering costs. Biosign monitoring services are licenced by Health Canada, cleared by the United States FDA, and our proprietary medical devices carry the European CE-Mark.

From 2004 until 2012, Biosign was focused on researching, developing and validating our Cloud Diagnostics™ technology platform. Our healthcare IT innovations are the product of over $30 million in R&D investment. During this period, Biosign accomplished many critical milestones, including being licenced by Health Canada, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification for quality management, and European CE-Mark approval for our Health Monitor product. After a number of successful clinical trials and a 2400 page application, in November 2012 Biosign received FDA pre-market clearance to import & sell our Pulsewave™ system in the rapidly growing US market.

Biosign has a history of successfully acquiring technology, assets and human capital. In 2010, the Company acquired the assets of US technology distributor Cloud Diagnostics LLC, which brought key marketing assets and intellectual property, including the Cloud Diagnostics trademark. Cloud Diagnostics founder Robert Kaul now serves as Biosign's CEO. Also in 2010, Biosign acquired Healthanywhere Inc, our FDA-cleared Remote Health Monitor suite of solutions. Healthanywhere™ is a cornerstone of our overall strategy to automate the gathering of vital sign data across healthcare channels. In 2012, Biosign acquired the assets of BioAnalytics Inc, including the Heart Friendly™ brand. During 2011, over 50 Heart Friendly™ Dentists enrolled in a program to screen their patients for heart-health, and to date, over 45,000 Canadians have received a screening and Heart Friendly™ Report.

Since the fourth quarter of 2012, Biosign management has been relentlessly focused on making our Pulsewave™ and Healthanywhere™ products a commercial reality. New leadership has successfully streamlined operations, eliminated over $1 million in debt, and embarked on a program of engagement with channel partners in parallel with a consumer direct sales strategy. We invite all our stakeholders to participate with us in the turnaround of a great company, and the rebirth of a true leader in healthcare information for the 21st Century.

This website contains forward-looking statements about Biosign and its business, business prospects, strategy and plans, including but not limited to statements regarding anticipated product development activities, market opportunities and financial information. These statements involve substantial risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from our current expectations and the forward-looking statements included on this website. For a discussion of the risk factors that could cause actual results to vary from these forward-looking statements, please see our filings with Canadian securities regulatory authorities at

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