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Biosign ansi aami sp10 whitepaper


November 25, 2011

This is an in-depth report of the measurement of Blood Pressure and how the Pulsewave™ Health Monitor is able to analyze the pulse wave form to return results.  This paper also details how Pulsewave™ has at its backbone the meeting of the performance requirements of ANSI/AAMI SP10:2002. 

Biosign arrhythmias diaa whitepaper


November 9, 2011

This report details how Pulsewave™ can tap into the wealth of information found in the pulse waveform.  Specifically, this report tells how Pulsewave™ looks at the wave form and is able to report Anomaly Scores that can be used to aid in the investigation of Arrhythmia.   


KCC ROI and Testimonials 2012-11-01

Kent County Council ROI and Testimonials

November 1, 2012

The KCC pilot results demonstrate that the average baseline blood pressure reading at the start of the pilot October 2009 was 134/89. Upon completion of the pilot program the blood pressure average decreased to 128/82. The average systolic fell by 4.91% and diastolic fell by 6.98%.

Assessment of north american and european markets for blood pressure monitoring and telehealth

Assessment of North American and European Markets for Blood Pressure Monitoring and Telehealth

April 8, 2011

This report by Frost & Sullivan provides a comprehensive examination and forecast of the healthcare industry as it relates to Blood Pressure Monitoring and Telehealth.  It provides an in-depth look at the market drivers of the very industry that the Healthanywhere™ system has been built for. 

Re-act 2010-11-10


November 10, 2010

This report details the involvement of the Healthanywhere™ system in the Re-ACT© program - an Aging at Home initiative that is funded by the North Simcoe Muskoka Local Health Integration Network (NSM LHIN).  The program’s goal was to help alleviate Emergency Room (ER) visits, prevent hospitalizations and prevent Alternate Level of Care beds (ALC).  

Wireless Homecare

Wireless Homecare

March 1, 2009

As Healthanywhere™ uses wireless Bluetooth devices in its solution, and is geared to run on mobile devices such as SmartPhones, this report touches on the concerns surrounding Privacy and Personal Health Information, Privacy Best Practices for Integrating Wireless Handheld Devices in the Delivery of Home Care, and shows how the Healthanywhere™ solution addresses these concerns. 

Biosign Corporate Wellness

The Business Case for a Corporate Employee Telehealth Program

November 6, 2006

This brief report illustrates the business case to aggressively enter the Employee Health management arena of the Health Care sector.  The Biosign products would very much help to reduce the direct and indirect costs to the corporate sector due to employee illness by ongoing health monitoring in the workplace. 

Reference Documents

Thompson Telemedicine and eHealth 2011

A Holistic Approach to Assess Older Adults' Wellness Using e-Health Technologies

December 1, 2011

Dst 05-0936

Remote Monitoring Technologies for the Prevention of Metabolic Syndrome: The Diabetes and Technology for Increased Activity (DaTA) Study

July 31, 2011

Hypertension Review

Hypertension Review

September 1, 2010


Use of health information technology in home health and hospice agencies: United States, 2007

April 30, 2010

Biosign Rural Healthcare

Extending Healthcare Reach into Rural Communities in Developing Nations

January 1, 2004